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Being not a professional designer, Prada managed to take the company to another scale thanks to the energy and highly developed instincts of the businessman. The start of the label Prada date back to the 1913, when Mario Prada started his career in the sphere of design and marketing, selling shoes, suitcases, handbags in a number of fashion boutiques. In the long run it happened to be run by Miuccia Prada, who has contributed many efforts in its development since 1970. One of the wisest steps done was the revival of outdated luggage fashions. When Prada received this company as an inheritance, it was worth $450. Her ideas about the brand and the way she imagined it, transformed company into flourishing enterprise. Prada started its expansion in Europe in the 80-s, opening sleek boutiques in the famous shopping areas of Madrid, Florence, Paris and certainly New York. The famous Prada handbag, created in 1985, caused the sensation at once. Being trendy and versatile, it is functional in addition to it. The combination of traditionalism and ultramodern sleekness made the brand one of the top brands of the last century.

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