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Gucci house was founded in 1921. At the end of 30s the brand expanded and fashion boutique in Rome was opened. In 50-s Gucci designed the striped webbing, which is the trademark of the company until present days. Gucci had a big family and they all participated in the business. After his death the fashion house became the main concern of the family and first boutiques in central capitals of Europe appeared thanks to his son Aldo. In 60-s the fashion brand expanded to the Eastern market, mainly to Hong Kong, Korea, Tokyo. Right at this period well-known logo of double G appeared. GG remained one of the leaders in the world fashion industry while fights within the family and a number of wrong decisions brought the company to the bankruptcy. In 80-90s Gucci acquired a new creative team, which tried to restore the glamour the brand had in 60-s and 70-s, when it was represented by such icons of fashion as Audrey Hepburn, Jacqeline Onassis and Grace Kelly.

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